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Non-toxic Nail Polishes I’m Loving Right Now

I’m constantly trying to take small steps towards a non-toxic life. That means a life free of toxic thoughts, mindsets, beliefs about myself and products. Removing all of the toxicity from your life in one fell swoop is no easy task. So I try to make small, manageable changes to my lifestyle on a consistent basis that can make for an overall healthier and happier life. 

If we start to examine our routines, we can zero in on small changes that can have a big impact. Often we discover that we’ve been using seemingly harmless products that bring unnecessary chemicals and toxins into our daily lives. A simple swap can go a long way for your health. And this idea is true for one of my favorite products.. nail polish!!

Why nail polish you ask? Well for one, I love nail polish. Like j’adore it. Whenever I feel crummy, doing my nails is a quick way to boost my mood and feel a bit more put together. But more importantly, we’re talking nail polish because did you know there are a lot of harmful chemicals packed into that tiny bottle? Without even realizing it, you think you’re painting on pretty colors and you may actually be painting on a potent mix of toxins. Fortunately, many brands have made the switch to change up their formulas and offer you safer products. 

Changing your polish to a safer shade comes with a few adjustments but it doesn’t have to sacrifice style and sparkle! While your polish may not stay on as long, it can still look and feel great while you wear it. These small compromises are worth it knowing that you’re getting products that are responsibly made, better for you, and for the planet. Check out five non-toxic nail polishes I’m loving right now, below.

  • 8-free” when you see a number followed by “Free” that’s the nail polish brand letting you know how many harmful chemicals have been excluded from their formulas. These days, 5-free and up is the industry standard to look for in terms of significant steps towards being non-toxic. I know, you’re wondering if OPI and Essie are 8-free and as of right now they are not. Both brands currently state on their website that they are “3-free” at the time this article was written.
  • “Cruelty-free” is the term that refers to whether a product has been tested on animals to test its safety before selling to consumers. If a product says it’s cruelty-free it means the brand or company does not test their products on animals before selling them to the public. 
  • “Vegan” means the product does not contain any animal products whatsoever.

Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure.

This is Sally Hansen’s first “plant-based, 100% vegan nail polish” and the colors and shine are gorgeous. There are over 30 different dazzling shades and it’s also 16-free! 16-free is the term to pay attention to because that means the formula does not contain 16 of the chemicals that you’d usually find in a traditional nail polish. This polish applies just like a conventional polish and will have you covered for every season and event. It’s $9.99 and can be found at most drugstores. I found my colors and top coat at CVS Pharmacy.


A non-toxic nail polish with Austin roots that I’m super excited about is OH TIFF Nails. OH TIFF is a luxury nail care line founded in Austin, Texas with a rad selection of shades and sparkles for days. Their polishes are vegan and 8 free and their instagram account not only features gorgeous nails but inspirational quotes and uplifting life outlooks. I’m here for all of it. Give them a follow and try one of their shades out! I just ordered the “Oh So Tiff” shade and am oh so in love with it! The turquoise color goes on smooth and pops with every outfit. Apply two coats and a top coat and you’re good to go! Currently on day 8 of wearing this shade and there is little to no chipping.

Pictured OH TIFF nail polish in Oh So Tiff.
Miranda Bennett Studio Nail Laquer

One of my favorite fair trade fashionistas has added a nail polish collection to her offerings and it is glorious. Miranda Bennett Studio now has nail lacquers that are vegan, cruelty-free, made in the USA, plant-dyed and a 7-free formula. She’s got all the bases covered and not to mention the shades are stunning! And what’s better than gorgeous colors in a bottle? When they glide on your nail equally as beautiful and are long lasting! During a chat with Miranda while visiting her East Austin store, she said she wanted the colors to go on really easy and have rich color, and I’m here to tell you they do just that!

I’m currently wearing Inverness, described as a “vibrant yet muted forest green,” and I painted these while sitting outside at a casual quarantine hang by a fireplace while watching my nieces and nephews run around. Aka it was super easy to apply, no mess, dried quick and looked amazing without having to have surgeon like focus when I usually try to do my own manicure. Miranda Bennett’s inaugural polish collection features 20 shades and a multi-purpose base/top coat “Before and After”. According to her website, if you buy any three polishes together right now, you get $6 off at checkout with the code “Trio”. I know what’s filling my sisters stocking this year.. hopefully she’s not reading this :).

Ten Over Ten

Another non-toxic nail polish with an Austin connection that I’m stoked about is tenoverten. After two New York women saw a need for a clean and relaxing nail salon in the big and bustling city, they dreamt up tenoverten. According to their website, from the get-go, Nadine Abramcyk and Adair Ilyinsky focused their vision around a non-toxic, healthy environment for their clients and staff. Their salon in Austin was one of my favorite spots to enjoy a treat yourself day manicure experience before it recently closed. But not to worry, you can still shop their colors online or visit one of their two salons in NYC. Their collection of colors, available on their website, are 8-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. They’re a female owned business and have been for almost a decade.


Pacifica also has a 100% vegan and cruelty free polish that I’m a pretty big fan of. There are 54 glorious shades to choose from and they are priced at $9 a bottle. The reviews for this 7-free polish are outstanding with many claiming that it chips less than a traditional polish does and lasts longer! (someone stop me from buying all 54 shades). Our experiences for team TAYLOVE have been similar and we love the vibrant colors and sparkle offered in their shades. Plus they’re my current go to for base coat and top coat.

Final Thoughts

Let me know if you try any of the brands above and what you think! I would love to hear about your favorite shades and see photos! Share in the comments below and let’s connect on social media @taylove_wellness. To your joy!

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